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Introducing Powertex, the new and exciting art and craft range!

powertex product display

The Powertex range provides superior quality 3D artwork materials suitable for artists and crafters from beginners to experts.

Powertex DVDs coming soon!

At the core of the range is a versatile, environmentally friendly, acid free, water based textile hardener. Powertex gives form and structure to various materials such as fabric and cardboard. Additional products, such as Stone Art, colour pigments and Powerprint allow you to create amazing indoor and outdoor artwork. Make garden sculptures, home decor, unique jewellery, and much more! No other product range matches the versatility and effects of Powertex.

Powertex has proven its success throughout Europe, North America, South Africa and Australia. Now, for the first time, Powertex British Isles Ltd provides the UK and Ireland with the product range.

Have a look around to see the versatility of Powertex!